We’ve always had a wild side.
Let’s make sure it stays that way.

Lots of cities have parks. Halifax has something much more special. The wild. 

More than ever, people need nature in our lives and communities. Fortunately, Halifax still has a wild side – and wild areas worth protecting. One of these is 379 acres (153 hectares) of natural, rugged wilderness at Williams Lake, ready for everyone to enjoy, only a short bus ride or drive from the heart of our city.

Today, we need your help to make the Halifax Wilderness Park a reality. 

Together the Nature Conservancy of Canada, the city of Halifax and the Shaw Group are working to make sure this natural landscape keeps connecting us, grounding us, and making our world a better place to live. Especially as Halifax grows and evolves.  

Be part of keeping Halifax wild for generations to come. Show your support and donate today. 



While the Halifax Wilderness Park will include some new elements to make sure lots of people can enjoy the park (like parking and directional signage), much of the land will remain in its beautiful, natural state.

That means things like natural trails, diverse ecosystems, and native species to explore. This isn't a park filled with groomed trails, cultivated plants, or tame wildlife. It's home to over 40 species of breeding birds, and protects the rare habitat known as jack pine and broom-crowberry barrens, as well as two lakes, several wetlands, and mature forest.

This is our wild, right in your backyard.


Why the park is so special

Halifax is an amazing place to live. Especially because of our connection to the natural world. Protecting places like the Halifax Wilderness Park is a big part of how you can help make it a great place to raise a family, build your community, and create a more meaningful life. 

It's exceptionally close

Halifax is known for its connection to nature. Here, more people can enjoy the wild because it's just 5km from city centre and easy to get to using your feet, transit, car, or bike.  

It enriches our lives

In a busy world, spending time outdoors is more important than ever. Getting active and being outside helps make our families, kids, and neighbourhoods healthier and happier. 

Icons_July 26 2018_Birds.png

It protects plants and animals

This unique and sensitive ecosystem is home to plants and animals that are uncommon in Nova Scotia, and virtually non-existent anywhere else in North America.

The trails shown on the map are an estimation of location and should not be used for navigational purposes.


SUpporting the park

It'll take nearly $8 million to establish the park and ensure its long-term management and care. Over 85% of the required funds have been committed to the project, but we need your help to reach this goal. 

Your donation will support everything from important infrastructure, like parking and signage, to unlocking funding that the Halifax Regional Municipality, the Government of Nova Scotia and the Government of Canada have committed — pending matching contributions from private citizens, like you.

Your contribution matters. Every little bit helps us keep Halifax wild, forever. 


Keep Halifax Wild T-Shirt

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